Purchasing a Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicle at Folsom Lake Ford comes with its own benefits. You’re not just buying a used car; you’re purchasing a vehicle that’s been approved by Toyota to run efficiently and optimally. However, many drivers are curious about what we test for during a CPO inspection. Let’s run through the critical steps we take for certified pre-owned vehicles.

Previous History and Recalls

The Ford 172-point CPO inspection covers a wide range of features and stipulations. One of the most critical inspection points is checking the vehicle’s operation and service history. We’ll need a report of its history to deliver to customers and keep on record.

In addition, we compare the model’s history of recalls to see if the vehicle went in for recall service. This ensures that all the required work on the car has been taken care of.

Road Test

We can’t let you drive a pre-owned vehicle without driving it ourselves. We give each CPO vehicle a 17-point road test to ensure it runs correctly.

Vehicle Exterior and Interior

We need to examine every nook and cranny of the Ford certified pre-owned vehicle before putting it up for sale. This includes exploring the exterior, interior, underhood, and underbelly for wear and tear or malfunctioning parts or features.

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid and electric cars receive their own set of testing parameters. We’ll check the hybrid and electric drivetrain and applicable heating and mechanical systems.

Find a Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle at Folsom Lake Ford

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