At some point, you’ll have to replace your Ford truck. If you have several Ford repair tasks that need to be done, Folsom Lake Ford understands if you want to just buy a new one instead. We wrote this guide to help you know when replacing your truck is the better option.

What Ford Repair Tasks Does Your Vehicle Need?

Bringing your truck in for service is inevitable. If all you’re doing is getting regular maintenance tasks like oil changes and tire rotations, it’s best to stay with your current truck if it stays the course. However, if you’re frequently visiting our dealership because you need more extensive or unusual Ford repair service, it’s likely time to move on from your current vehicle.

How Much Does It Cost?

Cost is a significant factor in determining if a Ford repair task is worth it. Major repairs are not cheap, but often, they’re necessary to keep your truck in good working condition.

You’ll need to determine, however, if it’s worth it to maintain your truck in a financial sense. We can help you determine the current value of your vehicle, considering its age, depreciation, and repairs already done. If you know your upcoming repair bill will run more than the truck is worth, it’s best to replace the vehicle.

How Old Is Your Truck?

Ford trucks decrease in value from the minute their tires hit the road. If your vehicle is fairly old, repairs won’t improve its value so much as delay it from decreasing.

Get Ford Repair at Folsom Lake Ford

If you need Ford repair done or want to purchase a new Ford truck, Folsom Lake Ford can assist you. Visit us in Folsom, CA today to discuss your current vehicle and ask for recommendations on repair and replacements.