In the automotive landscape, models often come and go. The Ford Fusion is still a popular car for many drivers, and plenty units are on the road today. However, the Folsom Lake Ford team frequently gets asked if there’s a new Ford Fusion coming out.

We’re here to answer the burning question: what happened to the Ford Fusion line?

Is a New Ford Fusion Coming Out?

Unfortunately, you won’t be seeing a new Ford Fusion anytime soon. The model was discontinued in 2020 as Ford retired its iconic sedan line. For over a decade, this line satisfied drivers with its sharp sports-like performance, sleek design, and hybrid options.

The Ford Fusion line might be retired, but that doesn’t mean you can’t purchase one anymore. Our dealership can still help you find a quality pre-owned Ford Fusion if you’re convinced it’s the car for you.

What Ford Models Are Available?

Ford has plenty of other vehicles still for sale, many of which include the same great features you’d find in a Ford Fusion. The 2023 Ford Escape, for example, brings over the same available hybrid fuel options as the Ford Fusion with an SUV body. It features plenty of cargo space, a similarly bold design, and powerful performance over long periods of time.

For those still set on sedans and coupes, the 2023 Ford Mustang will surely impress. Its high-performance design, including premium engines and handling capabilities, gives drivers a powerful yet smooth experience behind the wheel.

Does Folsom Lake Ford Have a New Ford Fusion?

While the Ford Fusion line has been discontinued, Folsom Lake Ford can still help you find one. Contact us today to ask about any new or certified pre-owned Ford Fusion models, or about our other inventory. See you soon!