At Folsom Lake Ford, we’re always here to help our customers find the Ford parts they need. One component you may not think about often is the muffler, but you’ll definitely notice if there’s a problem with this crucial component.

Mufflers 101: What You Need to Know

The primary job of the muffler is right there in its name. It muffles the sound that your car produces when it runs. Without mufflers, the roads you drive on would be far louder.

The muffler works by redirecting sound waves and making them collide with other sound waves. When sound waves hit other sound waves, they can end up canceling one another out. This keeps your car operating quietly. The muffler is meticulously designed so that sounds go exactly where their supposed to go, and any noises leaving your car are muffled and at a reasonable decibel level.

Generally, mufflers last around five to seven years. However, you need to remember that your muffler sits on the bottom of your car, which means that it can be easily damaged by bad roads and rough terrain. Speeding through potholes or over speed bumps can be a recipe for disaster, so drive carefully and keep your muffler in mind.

If your muffler is in need of repair or replacement, the most obvious sign will be the noise. If it stops doing its job as well, you need to visit our Ford service center. You might also hear rattling noises that could indicate a loose part or damage to your muffler.

Get the Ford Parts You Need

If you think that you’re in need of a new muffler or any other genuine Ford parts, we can help. Visit our Ford service center in Folsom Lake and let our skilled mechanics get your vehicle back into top shape!