You know that your Ford car needs oil, but does it matter which kind you use?  If you’re coming in for a Ford oil change at our service center, you might be wondering if you have some options when it comes to what kind of oil you can put in your vehicle.

The automotive experts here at Folsom Lake Ford can tell you everything that you need to know about motor oil.

Types of Oil

  • Conventional Motor Oil: This is the most commonly used type of motor oil. It’s used in a lot of different types of vehicles and models of different ages.
  • Synthetic Motor Oil: This motor oil is more viscous and has resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown. That means that it’s less likely to become a sludge, like conventional oil might when it’s past its prime. This type of oil also tends to cost more money than conventional oil would.
  • Synthetic Blend: This blends together conventional and synthetic oils, so you get some of the benefits of synthetic oil at a lower cost. As a result, this has rapidly become a more popular choice for many motorists.
  • High Mileage Motor Oil: As the name implies, this is for cars with higher mileage. The benchmark is usually 75,000 miles.

What Kind Your Ford Car Needs

In many cases, your car can use conventional or synthetic oil, or the blend of both. What’s most important is that the oil does not have any additives that could harm your engine. There are many types of Ford-approved motor oil brands out there that won’t contain additives that could damage your vehicle. If you want to take the guesswork out of it, know that our mechanics only use approved types of motor oil!

If you need an oil change or any other kind of maintenance, visit our Ford service center. Our skilled mechanics are ready to help you out, and we’ll answer any questions that you have about proper car care.