If you’ve had your vehicle for a long time, you’re probably familiar with the Ford repair experts here at Folsom Lake Ford. Our service center can help you keep your Ford car, truck, or SUV running for years and years, but is there a certain point when you should think about replacement rather than repairs?

There might be. Here’s when you should consider replacing that Ford car of yours with a new model.

Your Repair Costs Exceed a Year of New Car Payments

You know that repairs are always going to cost money, but it has to be cheaper to pay for repairs than to pay for a new car, right? In most cases, yes. Sometimes, however, you can reach a point where repairs are so expensive that buying a new Ford vehicle is the better option. That’s when the given repair would cost more than a year of payments towards another vehicle.

Here’s an example. You have spent $1,000 on repairs already this year. Another repair comes up and it’s going to cost you $3,000. If you can purchase a new vehicle and the payment is around $300 per month or less, you might be better off replacing. It’s $4,000 for repairs versus $3,600 for a year of new car payments.

Your Car is Causing You Stress

Maybe it’s the frequent repair bills, or maybe your old car has left you stranded on multiple occasions. Both problems can cause a lot of stress, and the price of a new car might be worthwhile is it alleviates that stress. If you worry about your car not being able to drive long distances or breakdowns or common, it’s probably time for an upgrade.

Safety is an Issue

Newer cars also offer more advanced safety features. If you’re worried about your safety on the road or you’re planning to start a family, upgrading to a new Ford SUV might be preferable to making repairs on an older car.

Whether you’re looking for Ford repairs or a new vehicle, visit our Ford dealership serving Sacramento today. We’re ready to assist you with all of your automotive needs!