The news has been out for a while now that the Ford brand plans to expand its lineup of hybrid vehicles. More specifically, it plans to roll out 13 hybrids within the next five years.

It was confirmed a while back that the Ford F-150 and Ford Mustang will be among two of the models getting the hybrid treatment.

More recently, it was announced that the Ford Expedition and Ford Escape will be joining that lineup for the 2019 model year.

The Ford Expedition will be a traditional hybrid, while the Ford Escape will be fitted with a plug-in drivetrain for extra EV-only range. For the Ford Escape, this will actually be its second foray into the hybrid market. An early model was released in the early 2000s, but was discontinued in 2012.

The Hybrid Ford Mustang is slated for a 2020 release. It’s expected to deliver power similar to the pony car’s V8 engine. With an electric motor, however, it should deliver a bit more torque power.

As for the hybrid Ford F-150, not many details have been released, though it has been said that it would be a formidable competitor in the half-ton truck segment. Even more intriguing are rumors that the pickup would have a secondary function as a mobile generator.

The Ford brand is really broadening its hybrid market, and it’s doing so beyond North America. The automaker is also testing a fleet of hybrid transit vans in London.

It will be a few more years before we see more hybrid options. Until then, the current 2018 Ford Escape offers plenty as a compact SUV. Our manufacturer offers near Roseville, CA, offer incentives on select new models.