The Ford brand has been experimenting with autonomous vehicles for some time now. It has been widely reported since last year that the company has plans for an autonomous ride vehicle sharing program for its fleet inventory in 2021.

The auto manufacturer is already experimenting with prototype autonomous programs in 2017. It has teamed up with Domino’s Pizza to implement pizza delivery using a self-driving 2017 Ford Fusion.

A Domino’s Pizza store in Ann Arbor, MI, is experimenting with a special delivery program. The Ford Fusion utilizes all the gadgets of an autonomous car, including a full suite of radar, cameras, and Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) technology. There is still a human operator, however, behind the wheel, though he is obscured behind tinted windows and does not interact with the customers.

Customers who agree to partake in the program will be notified of their food’s arrival. They will need to go outside and approach the car where they will input a code to access the pizza from a built-in warming oven.

The program is still in its trial phase, and both the Blue Oval and Domino’s will use this trial to gather data regarding customer reception. This includes how long customers spend entering the code, whether they stop to admire the car’s outward technology, etc.

The Ford brand has outlined its extensive investment in autonomous technology. Plans are underway to develop self-driving cars with no pedals and steering wheel.

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