The Blue Oval has been aggressively marketing the 2017 Ford F150 Raptor, citing it as the most capable off-roader yet.

This is all thanks to the shock absorbers that the automaker produced in collaboration with car parts maker FOX. The 3-inch shocks include a base valve piston that helps reduce gas pressure. The result is a more comfortable ride on a bumpy road.

The shock forces are managed by nine distinct zones within the shock’s front and rear internal bypass. One of these zones serves as hydraulic bump stops. It sends fluid to the top of the piston while the shock is completely compressed. This prevents the pickup from bottoming out.

The rear and front shocks have also increased overall in diameter by half an inch. This slight increase actually boosts fade resistance and heat dissipation by 44 percent. All in all, this increases the 2017 model’s overall suspension travel by about 15 percent from the 2016 Ford F150.

The end result is better handling and reduction in impact for the driver. If you constantly commute off-road, then this will definitely be a welcome feature.

Of course, the shocks are just one of many improvements one can expect for the 2017 Ford F150. It will also be getting Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity using the Sync 3 platform. This technological feature, though, will actually be available for all 2017 Ford models. This enables users to access their phone’s functions through the infotainment system and via voice command.

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