For some people, commuting just doesn’t feel complete without some background music, or any noise at all for that matter. For the commuting audiophile, there’s some uplifting news: the 2017 Ford Fusion will be getting two new features for its Sony infotainment system.

The first feature includes two dual FM radio receivers. The Ford Fusion comes with a heating grid located on the rear window that doubles as an extra antenna, while a second antenna is included for acquiring an extra signal, which helps cancel out interference. Interference is especially a problem in mountainous regions.

The extra antenna also removes overlapping FM signals. This enables a smoother transition from one broadcast to another when commuting between cities with different local stations.

The second feature is called the Automotive Audio Bus. Basically, the technology improves high-fidelity sound while reducing the required wiring.

On top of that, select Ford Fusion models will also be equipped with Active Noise Control technology. The windows will also be made from acoustic laminated glass. This provides sharp audio with minimal interference from external sounds.

According to Alan Norton, Ford Audio System leader, these two additions came about as a result of hours of feedback from commuters who listed common issues with their car’s sound system.

Aside from the 2017 Ford Fusion, the 2017 Ford Escape will also be getting the two new audio technology. Other models may soon follow.

You can check out the 2017 Ford Fusion at Folsom Lake Ford. To enquire about the new audio features, speak to a Ford dealer serving Sacramento, CA. If you commute often and for long distances, then the best quality audio will make those road trips much more pleasant for both driver and passengers. Come in and learn more today!