The first Ford Mustang made its debut in 1964. To commemorate more than 50 years of excellence, Ford has donated a special “split” Mustang model to the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum.

For starters, the Ford Mustang isn’t operable. It’s a split, with one half consisting of the original 1965 model and the other half is of the modern 2015 model.

The model is now a permanent part of the museum’s collection and part of the facility’s Intellectual Property Power Exhibit.

The 2015 portion of the car, which is on the right side, is based on the Australian Mustang version, which means it also has a steering wheel. This enables onlookers to climb aboard and get their hands behind the wheel no matter which side they sit on.

In addition, the car also is not exactly to scale. It is a bit wider to enable both sides to display their respective infotainment systems.

Besides this unique display model, we have other Ford Mustang news. It has recently been announced that Ford will be releasing the Mustang GT California Special, which is a throwback to a limited-time model released back in 1968. It’s certainly a great addition for collectors, and the turn signal lights even appear on the hood, just like it did with the original model. Buyers can also choose between a convertible or fastback version.

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