Not much is known about the 2018 Ford Focus at this point, though spy images of a test mule do reveal some insights. For one, images show a wider and longer model compared to the current 2016 Ford Focus.

The camouflage pretty much concealed any distinguishable details. What was noticeable, though, was a seam in the middle of a redesigned hood. Some discernable details also showed concepts borrowed from the current Ford Fusion. This includes a recognizable taillight LED pattern. Other analysts speculated that the design is more reminiscent of the Ford Edge.

No information has been released in terms of technology, though it makes sense that the Ford Focus would adapt technology from some of its larger cousins. This would entail the SYNC with voice recognition and potentially the CCD suspension with pothole impact mitigation.

The Ford Focus is also making headlines elsewhere. The latest Ford Focus RS is creating news for its Drift Mode. This torque-vector feature sends maximum torque to the rear wheels, increasing traction for on-the-track performance. To make this performance possible, the Ford Focus RS was fitted with Super Sport tires courtesy of Michelin.

On the subject of the RS, auto parts company Mountune has announced that it would be providing new parts to modify your Ford Focus. This includes a quick-shift kit, roll restrictor, high-flow air filter, high-flow induction hose, and silicone boost hose.

The current Ford Focus is just as sweet, so come on over to Folsom Lake Ford and check it out. If you’re considering a pre-owned Focus, then opt for a used Ford near Roseville, CA. New or pre-owned, a Ford Focus is a compact sedan that will always deliver in the performance department, hence why it’s a Ford mainstay.