A spy video from AutoGuide has captured what is believed to be a hybrid Ford F150 being tested on open road. The pickup is covered in camouflage somewhat different from the ones normally used to conceal a prototype vehicle’s exterior.

While Ford has not released any confirmation regarding a hybrid F150, it has been widely speculated that the auto maker has plans to release two new types of F150. One will be fitted with a small diesel engine, while the other will have a gasoline-electric hybrid drive system under the hood. This was substantiated by previous videos that show what was almost certainly an F150 with a diesel engine.

So what led analysts to believe that the latest video depicts a hybrid F150? The clue lies in the camouflage covering the pickup’s fender. There appears to be a peculiar break in the camo’s pattern, and it’s right in the area where a hybrid’s charging port would normally be located. It’s certainly where the charging port is located for the Ford CMax.

The person who shot the video also swore that he heard the vehicle’s gas engine shut off, followed by the roar of an electric drivetrain.

Ford has also hinted about a possible hybrid pickup in the past, so this latest development certainly validates the speculations. Such a vehicle would also put the brand on a more even playing field with its competitors.

Here’s the AutoGuide video. Watch and judge for yourself what you believe is up with the test truck.

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