Ford has always been at the forefront of technology, and the new Ford Fusion Hybrid is exploring the ever evolving dynamics of autonomous driving. Of course, autonomous driving is still in its infancy. Ford, though, is leading the pack and testing the limits of driverless cars in snowy conditions.

To improve autonomous performance, even under formidable driving conditions, Ford has released a series of new technology. One added gizmo is a high-resolution 3D map that scans the road using LiDAR technology. The vehicle can also collect and process up to 600 gigabytes per hour. All the gathered data is used to create a 3D image of the landscape.

Ford also unveiled what it has described as a set of “super smart sensors.” Apparently, they are so sensitive that it can even identify raindrops and snowflakes. On top of that, its tracking systems are far more advanced than even the most expensive GPS navigation systems out today. In fact, it’s so accurate that the Fusion can pinpoint its location to within a centimeter. For comparison, the average GPS tracker can only pinpoint its location to within 10 yards.

There is even the addition of a sensor fusion. This includes a camera and radar system created by a team of astrophysicists that formerly worked for the federal government.

All testing is conducted in Michigan, which is notorious for some real snowy weather.

You can check out the current 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid at Folsom Lake Ford. It does not have autonomous driving capability, but it has some pretty impressive features of its own. Check out the current vehicle or enquire about a used Ford model near Sacramento if you are interested in a preowned car.