Due to its reliability, Ford has always been one of the top brands of vehicles converted for law enforcement use. Ford has released a new police interceptor utility vehicle based on the Explorer. The vehicle has been described as a “no profile” model due to its low profile visor light, which is mounted within the cabin as opposed to the roof.

The position of the lights make the vehicles somewhat more difficult to identify as a police cruiser. The visor lights are also more compact and less bulky compared to the traditional lights currently in use.

Interior visor lights are already in use by some police agencies, but because of its size, it may obstruct the driver’s view. In addition, the new visor lights by Ford does not cast a shadow over the windshield when turned on. Finally, the lights also have multiple settings. Users will be able to adjust the brightness from 20 percent to full intensity. The red/blue light can also be adjusted for a blue/blue or red/red combo.

It’s no surprise that law enforcement designated the Ford Explorer as one of its mainstay vehicles for taking bad guys off the streets. Aside from performance, Ford has also implemented multiple technology features. The 2016 Explorer Platinum model, for example, has a self-parking feature. Just activate it, take your hands off the wheel, and let the computer handle that tight parallel or perpendicular parking.

You don’t have to don a blue uniform and a badge to appreciate the 2016 Ford Explorer. The current model is available in various trims, which you can check out by visiting Folsom Lake Ford. The dealership has the latest Ford models for sale near Roseville.