Ford is currently in collaboration with the drone manufacturing company DJI. The project involves aerial drones and the Ford F150. While the details are a bit sketchy, the idea is to create a drone that rests in the pickup’s bed and electronically linked to the vehicle’s system. The driver, through an app-enabled smartphone, will be able to launch and control the drone.

The idea is to use the drone for surveying damage in a calamity, such as large-scale earthquakes and fires. The drone will be able to provide a bird’s eye view of the area, giving emergency responders a full assessment of the situation. If the project is a success, then Ford and DJI also have plans to deploy the F150/drone combo for land surveying and construction projects.

Ford also eventually hopes to create a drone that automatically follows the truck once the aerial machine is deployed, thus eliminating the need for human control.

Since drones have a limited range, emergency responders can drive to as close to the disaster site as safely possible and let the drone do the rest.

Currently, Ford and DJI are looking for third party developers that could create a real-time link between a smartphone, F150, and drone. Both companies have announced a $100,000 prize for developers that can successfully create a prototype.

The fact that DJI chose to collaborate with Ford over other prominent truck makers is a testament to the F150 and its longstanding reputation.

An F150 with a drone resting in the back is not something that will be available to the civilian market, at least not anytime soon. If you only care for the F150, then be sure to check out our full lineup of Ford trucks for sale near Sacramento.