In response to the growing SUV market, Ford has announced that it will be rolling out four new crossover SUVS over the next several years. These four will be completely new models and not just updates of existing US models.

The SUVs, though, won’t be developed from scratch. There are actually existing models in other countries that Ford is likely to release to the North American market.

There are already speculations over which models Ford will be bringing over. One likely candidate is the EcoSport ONNe, which is currently sold in China and Europe. Other possibilities include the revival of the all-terrain Bronco and Ranger, both of which are believed to be two of the new SUVs that will see a relaunch around 2019, coinciding with the year the automaker’s main Detroit plant halts the production of the Ford Focus compact in 2018.

So far, the only confirmed model is a Lincoln SUV, which is being released in response to the growing demand for luxury vehicles. This leaves the question of which SUV from the Lincoln brand, which includes the MKC, MKT, MKX, and Navigator. The luxury offshoot of Ford also has pending plans to add another two SUVs before the end of this decade.

According to Ford, it is merely throwing its hat into the SUV market. SUVs currently make up one out of three automobile sales in the US. The figure is expected to rise to 40 percent by 2020.

The additions will expand the current SUV lineup, which includes the 2015 Ford Explorer, Expedition, Escape, and Edge.

There is a reason SUVs are selling like hotcakes, thus the motivation for Ford to expand its SUV lineup. To take a look at the full inventory, visit our Ford cars for sale near Roseville.