There is currently a lot of hype surrounding the revamped Ford Fusion Energi plug-in, which is expected to be showcased at the Detroit Auto Show in January. However, the 2017 Ford Focus EV will really be the first, pure electric model from Ford to hit the showroom. Production is expected to begin towards the end of 2016, and it’s anticipated to have a projected range of 100-miles when fully charged. That is a vast improvement over the 76-miles of the current model.

Other highlights include accelerated charging times. The lithium-ion battery is expected to reach 80 percent charge within half an hour. As far as the technology goes, the Focus Electric will be fitted with the all-new BrakeCoach system that acts as a real-time guide to help the driver take full advantage of the vehicle’s on-board regenerative system. In addition, it will also have an updated SmartGauge enhanced with an EcoGuide Instrumentation.

The Focus Electric was discussed in Ford’s 2016 trends report. The report also listed 13 new models that will either have EV or hybrid powertrains, all of which will be making their debut by 2020. As for the Focus, this will be the first all-electric vehicle to be able to travel within a triple-digit mile range on a single charge.

Do you want to take part in the hybrid/electric plug-in fray? Now is a better time than ever to start. While the 2017 model is still more than a year away, you can check out the specs on the current 2015 Ford Focus Electric in our inventory. If you are interested in the Focus or any of our Ford hybrids near Rancho Cordova, then stop by our dealership.