When you’re on the road, you count on your brakes to bring you to a stop with ease, which is why you need to monitor the Ford parts that make them work. The brake system is a critical component for safe driving so we should make sure our brake system is in perfect working condition before you have a roadside emergency. These are some of the primary components of your Ford brake system.

Brake Calipers

The primary purpose of the brake caliper is to apply pressure to brake pads to slow the vehicle. The calipers have a piston exerting pressure on the brake pads, clamping around the brake rotors, ultimately slowing the vehicle.

Brake Rotors and Drums

The primary difference between the brake rotors and drums is that friction is applied to rotors attached to the wheel hubs to slow the vehicle, while brake drums use brake shoes to apply pressure to the drum’s surface.

Brake Pads

Older vehicles typically have brake drums instead of rotors. The brake pads exert pressure against the brake drum to slow the vehicle instead of using more popular brake rotors to slow the car. 

Brake Shoes

Primarily used in brake systems using drum brakes, pressure is applied to press against the brake drum and slow the vehicle. Brake shoes wear down over time until having to be replaced like brake pads.

ABS Components

A new development in braking systems is the anti-lock brake system (ABS). In the past, a fundamental issue was brake lockup during a challenging braking scenario. With ABS, computer sensors work together to keep the vehicle under control.

Keep Your Braking System Working With Genuine Ford Parts

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