Scheduling a regular Ford oil change is a great way to maintain your vehicle’s performance and operation. You may be able to drive the car without a routine oil change, but it won’t run as well as it should. Learn what happens if you skip your Ford oil change, courtesy of the Folsom Lake Ford experts.

Loss of Performance

If you skip a Ford oil change, you might notice that the car isn’t performing as well as it used to. Oil is essential for keeping your car running at peak efficiency and performance, so if you experience a drop, you should get an oil change right away.

Dirty Oil

One of the consequences of skipping a regular oil change is having dirty oil in your engine. After enough use, your oil will lose its initial luster and become thick and gunky. This is a clear sign that it’s time to replace your old stuff with fresh motor oil.

Loud Noises

Have you noticed that your engine sounds louder than it used to? Oil helps lubricate your engine to reduce friction. Skipping an oil change means that the lubrication isn’t as effective; leaving this alone can lead to total engine failure.

Low Oil Levels

The more you use the same oil, the more oil will burn off and reduce in quantity. This happens more and more if you keep skipping oil changes. Your car will give you a low oil level if it notices that there’s not enough oil in the tank.


Finally, if you skip a crucial oil change, your engine might sputter because it isn’t getting enough oil. That means you’ll need to clean out your oil filter and replace the oil with a fresh supply.

Schedule a Ford Oil Change in Folsom, CA

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