Have you scheduled Ford brake service recently? Keeping your brakes in good working order is essential to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition. If you’re wondering whether you need Ford brake service done, Folsom Lake Ford has all the details.

Why Is Brake Service Necessary?

Every driver knows how essential brakes are, but many don’t think about getting their brakes serviced until it’s too late. You can prevent a severe accident by coming in for routine brake service and keeping up with maintenance.

Your brakes should be serviced at least every 15,000 miles. During a routine brake inspection, we’ll examine every part of your braking system for any damage or faulty parts and replace anything that needs repairs. If you notice any braking issues before your next scheduled visit, it’s best to address them immediately rather than wait.

What Brake Service Should Be Done?

Routine brake service ensures that your braking system is working properly. Standard brake service includes:

  • Brake pedal: We’ll stress test your brake pedal to ensure it feels okay. A brake pedal that feels spongy or is giving too much resistance can become a critical safety issue.
  • Brake fluid: If there’s a leak in your brake fluid line, your brakes won’t work effectively. We’ll examine your brake fluid compartment for any signs of leakage. We’ll also flush your brake fluid at regular milestones to ensure a clean system.
  • Cleaning the brake system: Your brakes may need occasional cleaning to ensure they stay in good condition.

Schedule Ford Brake Service in Folsom, CA

Make sure you schedule brake service before it’s too late. Contact Folsom Lake Ford today to schedule Ford brake service and order brake parts online. We look forward to helping you!