Powerful trucks and fuel efficiency don’t typically go hand-in-hand. However, when you want serious power and capabilities while still remaining efficient, you’ll love the Ford F-150 hybrid for sale at Folsom Lake Ford.

Notable Power and Zero Emissions

You get the benefit of notable power in the Ford F-150 Lightning, all while producing zero emissions. This doesn’t just help you reduce your carbon footprint. It also lets you operate indoors, if you need, which is something that gasoline-powered vehicles can’t do.

Intelligent Range

You can easily optimize your range with the Intelligent Range feature. It factors in several conditions such as your driving habits, the road conditions, and even the environmental conditions to ensure you have an accurate range estimate. It can also factor in your payload and towing demands when applicable too.

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning has an impressive EPA-estimated 230 or 320-mile electric range.

Extra Cargo Space

You’ll find a unique benefit due to the electric powertrain of the Ford F-150 Lightning – a Mega Power Frunk. The Mega Power Frunk is a trunk in the front of the pickup truck – and the largest in its segment. It provides a notable 14.1 cubic feet of cargo space and can carry up to 400 pounds.

Ford E-Telematics

You’ll receive three complimentary years of Ford E-Telematics with the purchase of your pickup truck. The feature helps you easily manage your electric fleet and minimize energy costs. It can also:

  • Monitor battery range, energy consumption, and state of charge
  • Alert you when your fleet’s EVs are charged
  • Let you conveniently pay for public charging
  • Provide access to vehicle health data

Think the Ford F-150 Lightning is for you? Stop in and take a test drive at our Ford dealership near Sacramento, CA. We’d love to help you get in the electric pickup truck today!