Do you have a Ford oil change at Folsom Lake Ford coming up? Unsure if you’re choosing the right oil for your vehicle? We’re highlighting the main types of engine oil to help.

Conventional Engine Oil

The most common type of engine oil is conventional oil. It is made using refined crude oil. There are a multitude of conventional oil types, with a broad range of viscosity and quality levels.

Conventional oil is typically best for light-duty vehicles with a simple engine design and low mileage. 

Synthetic Engine Oil

Synthetic engine oil is composed of artificially-made chemical compounds. It’s more expensive than conventional oil. However, some vehicles can go up to 15,000 miles (or more) between oil changes with synthetic oil, since it isn’t as prone to chemical degradation as conventional oil.

Synthetic oil is typically best for high-performance vehicles such as the Ford Mustang. Lots of new and premium vehicles also require synthetic oil.

Synthetic Blend Engine Oil

As the name implies, synthetic blend oil is a combination of synthetic and conventional oil. It lets you utilize an oil with a higher quality than conventional oil while still being more affordable than synthetic oil. This oil is also ideal for drivers wanting to make the switch from one to the other and looking to slowly introduce the new oil type to their vehicle.

High-Mileage Engine Oil

High-mileage oil is designed for vehicles with over 75,000 miles. Its additives help with common issues in older vehicles such as engine breakdowns and leaks. It can even help you reduce your emissions and oil consumption.

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