We know all the common misconceptions about used cars. Some folks think they’re risky investments or “clunkers” — in short, they’re vehicles that can’t be trusted. You may be surprised to hear that buying one of the used Ford cars at Folsom Lake Ford can actually be a very smart investment. 

Let’s explore some common questions car shoppers have when considering a Ford pre-owned vehicle. 

How Reliable are Ford Cars?  

There’s no denying Ford is a well-loved and trusted brand. There are millions of Ford vehicles sold every year. When it comes to reliability reports, the Ford Fusion is one of the most reliable models in its lineup. Reliability of used vehicles is judged based on their industry standing, their coverage, the critical reception of the vehicle, and more.  

How Long Do Ford Vehicles Last?  

In a 2020 study conducted by J.D. Power, Ford vehicles rank above many of their top competitors, as well as industry standards, in terms of dependability. On average, many Ford vehicles last over 200,000 miles. Naturally, we can’t predict how long every single vehicle will last, but one of the best ways to increase a vehicle’s lifespan is to complete routine maintenance.  

How Do I Know if a Vehicle Has Gotten Routine Maintenance?  

Curious how well a used vehicle has been cared for? We suggest that you check out its vehicle history report. You can easily find a vehicle’s history report by searching for it online using its VIN number. It’ll help you find information like: 

  • Accident data  
  • Service history 
  • Type of use 
  • Ownership history 

Looking for a quality pre-owned Ford car? We’ve got them! Stop by our Ford dealership near Sacramento, CA to check out our inventory and find a vehicle you love!