Every vehicle has a recommended oil change schedule. However, there are times that you may need to have your oil changed more often. These six signs mean it’s time to schedule a Ford oil change at Folsom Lake Ford.  

A Knocking Sound from Your Engine  

Is your engine making a knocking noise? This is usually due to its parts rubbing together (which may occur if your engine oil is old and ineffective).  

The Engine is Making a Ticking Noise 

A ticking noise is also a warning sign from your engine. If your oil is too dirty, it might be difficult for your engine to start, thus producing the ticking noise.  

The Oil is Extra Dark 

Typically, engine oil has a honey golden color. If it has become dark in color, that usually means it has too many contaminates in it and needs to be changed.  

Your Engine Oil’s Consistency Has Changed  

When inspecting your engine oil, it’s also important to look at its consistency and texture. If it looks grimy or much thicker than usual, it’s time for an oil change.  

Your Gas Mileage is Suffering  

Have you noticed that your fuel efficiency has started to suffer? When you change your engine oil, the fresh oil will help improve your engine’s efficiency, which will improve your gas mileage.    

Your Check Engine Light is On 

There are lots of issues that can trigger a check engine light. An overdue oil change can certainly be a culprit.  

When you need an oil change, our trained and certified technicians are ready and waiting. Reach out to our Ford service center in Folsom, CA to set an appointment with our team, or stop by and see us at your convenience!