We know you’re ready and excited for summer. But is your vehicle prepared for warmer weather? Our Ford service experts at Folsom Lake Ford suggest completing these maintenance tasks to help your vehicle beat the heat.   

Inspect Your Air Conditioning System 

As the summer progresses and cruising with the windows down gets too hot to handle, we’re sure you’re going to make good use of your car’s A/C. As you start to use your air conditioner more often, you should also have it inspected to make sure that it’s running as efficiently as possible. A damaged A/C can’t keep you very cool, and it can also deteriorate further if it’s overworked.  

Wax Your Vehicle 

Our cars spend a lot of time out in the sun during the summer, whether in the parking lot at work or chilling beachside. And the sun can do more damage to your vehicle’s exterior than you may realize — UV rays and heat can quickly degrade your car’s wax job. We suggest bumping up your waxing schedule to help protect your exterior’s clear coat.  

Check Your Tires 

We know that cold weather can cause your tire pressure to decrease. But did you know heat can cause overinflation? This can make tire blowouts more likely and can cause undue strain on your tires, leading to decreased driving performance and fuel efficiency. It’s important to regularly inspect your tires and make sure you are driving with the adequate PSI.   

Overwhelmed? Don’t worry — the trained technicians at our auto service center near Sacramento, CA know exactly what service your vehicle needs to run smoothly all summer long. Reach out to our team to schedule an appointment or come see us today!