Are you searching for fuel-efficient cars at Folsom Lake Ford to limit your trips to the gas station? That seems to be a common request these days! While a fuel-efficient vehicle is key, we also encourage you to take these simple steps to improve your gas mileage.

Unload the Extra Cargo

Do you find yourself consistently loading down your Ford vehicle for a big project or trips? While Ford vehicles are certainly built tough enough to handle even the largest loads, they will hinder your fuel economy.

If you must carry heavy cargo, try to limit the amount of time you carry it by taking a direct route when you do. Also, make sure you unload everything you don’t need as soon as you can. 

Complete Routine Maintenance

There are a number of routine maintenance tasks that your vehicle needs completed regularly to keep it running efficiently. When they aren’t completed as recommended, your engine has to work harder than necessary which causes it to consume more fuel. It’s also important to replace compromised parts that hinder your performance.

  • Change your engine oil
  • Replace your filters
  • Replace your spark plugs
  • Replace your fuel injectors

Inspect Your Tires

When your tires are below the recommended PSI (pounds per square inch), they’ll create excessive drag when you drive. This eats up more fuel than necessary since, again, your engine must work harder than necessary. We recommend that you keep your tires between 32 and 36 PSI for optimal performance.  

When you need Ford service in Folsom, CA, there’s no one better than our trained technicians. We understand Ford vehicles inside and out and will ensure yours is as efficient as can be. Stop in and see us today!