With more and more drivers turning to electric vehicles, we get more and more questions about owning one every day. One question we hear often: do electric vehicles require less maintenance? Our Ford service technicians at Folsom Lake Ford have the scoop.

What Type of Maintenance Does a Vehicle Need?

Most drivers understand the importance of maintaining a vehicle, although not as many understand what’s all involved in those service appointments. Depending on your current mileage, there are a variety of tasks your vehicle needs.

  • Engine oil change
  • Filter replacement
  • Tire rotation
  • Fluid replacement (transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, etc.)
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Brake pad replacement

How Does Electric Vehicle Maintenance Differ?

There are a lot of similarities to an electric vehicle’s maintenance, although there are also a lot of differences. An electric vehicle doesn’t need a lot of the maintenance a gasoline-powered vehicle needs, simply because it doesn’t have the same parts.

A few of those parts (which require routine maintenance) include an engine, engine oil, engine oil filters, and spark plugs.

When Does an Electric Vehicle Need Maintenance?

Even though electric vehicles don’t need as much maintenance as a gasoline-powered model, it’s still important that they are maintained regularly. It’s especially crucial to have your battery regularly inspected as you depend on it to power your vehicle. Typically, we recommend drivers have their electric vehicle inspected and maintained every six months.

When you need expert care for your electric vehicle, it’s important that you use a professional you can trust. Our Ford technicians are specially trained and certified to care for Ford vehicles. And, with so many Ford vehicles going electric, they are trained to care for them too. Reach out to our Ford service center in Folsom, CA to schedule an appointment today!