No one wants to see a puddle under their vehicle. But, they are more than just unsightly. They can signal a serious issue with your vehicle. It’s important to schedule a Ford oil change at Folsom Lake Ford if you notice a leak under your car, truck, or SUV.

Causes of Engine Oil Leaks

Engine oil leaks typically come from faulty or worn-down parts within your engine. It could also simply be an overflow from adding too much oil. If that isn’t the case, these parts could likely be to blame.

  • A worn oil filter
  • A loose drain plug
  • A broken gasket
  • A damaged oil tank filler
  • Damaged seals or connections

The Effects of Engine Oil Leaks

An engine oil leak can seriously harm the environment. Oftentimes, leaking oil can end up in storm drains, eventually ending up in lakes or even the ocean. It’s not only harmful to wildlife, it can also end up polluting our drinking water as well. It can also be harmful to your vehicle.

After all, your engine oil is needed to keep the moving parts under your hood lubricated. Without it, the excessive friction could cause the engine to overheat or even fail.  

The Best Ways to Avoid Leaks

There are steps you can take to avoid an oil leak. For starters, it’s important to have your car regularly maintained. That way, our service technicians can spot problems before they even occur.

Plus, we’ll ensure your oil is regularly changed so it is functioning as it should. We’ll also keep it clean, which helps keep the parts from becoming damaged or loose.  

Need an oil change or have a leak to repair? Visit our Ford dealership in Folsom, CA for all your service needs!