The service center at Folsom Lake Ford is ready to handle all of your Ford repair and maintenance needs. Some people put off the necessary repairs because they think that their car can keep on going even when one or two components are struggling to do their job. However, putting off Ford repairs is rarely a good idea, and we’ll tell you why.

How Long Can I Put Off Repairs For?

In most cases, you shouldn’t be putting repairs off at all. Sometimes a minor problem can wait, but there are some issues that should get you to the mechanic immediately. Delaying repairs can cause all sorts of issues in the near- and long-term, so just schedule an appointment at our Ford service center and get the repairs you need as soon as possible.

Consequences of Delaying Repairs

When you delay Ford repairs, you could end up doing more damage to your vehicle. A small mechanical problem can easily become a bigger and bigger one as you drive your car around. As that problem gets bigger, it also gets more expensive to repair. In most cases, getting a problem taken care of as soon as you can saves you a lot of money.


A broken component or a problem with one of your car’s systems could also affect how safe you are on the road. Skipping a repair could result in your car not being responsive when you need it to be. If you hit the brakes or turn on the headlights, you need these parts to work and a car that hasn’t had the necessary repairs completed might end up letting you down. That could potentially put you in harm’s way.


If you need new Ford parts or repairs done on your vehicle, don’t delay. Visit our Folsom Lake service center and talk to our skilled mechanics today. We’ll get your car back into top shape in no time!