If you’re looking for official Ford parts, our dealership and service center should be your first stop. At Folsom Lake Ford, we make taking great care of your car our top priority.

We know that car care can be expensive though, and that’s why we also do everything that we can to help customers pay for the parts that they need. Here’s how to finance your Ford parts purchase with us.

The FordPass™ Rewards Card

If you can’t pay for all of your Ford parts right away, you can ask about the FordPass™ Rewards card. This credit card can make it easier to pay off the work done on your car, without getting hit with punitive interest rates.

If you apply for the card and get approved, you can qualify for a zero percent interest rate for six months when you make your first purchase. This means that you can pay off your Ford parts over time, and if you pay them off in six months you don’t end up on the hook for any extra fees or interest.

Financing Ford parts is just one of the great things about the FordPass car. There are also rewards that you can get from simply using the card to make everyday purchases. You can get points for all purchases, but you get extra rewards when you use the card to pay for car-related expenses. Get triple rewards for making insurance payments, buying gas, or when you’re paying for parking. You can even get five percent back when you make purchases at Ford dealerships.

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