When you’re shopping for a used Ford car here at Folsom Lake Ford, you may be thinking that the lower the mileage on the odometer, the better. Is that always true? It’s generally a good rule of thumb to follow, but you should also know a bit more about mileage and how it affects the lifespan of a used vehicle.

What’s the “Best” Mileage?

Generally, low mileage on a used car is a good thing. It shows that a vehicle still has a long life ahead of it. However, sometimes you’re going to want to do some math to make sure that this low mileage reading is also the “best” mileage for your car.

Here’s what we mean. Usually, a well-cared for vehicle that’s been driven frequently will put around 12,000 miles on the odometer each year. So, if the used car you’re looking at is six years old, then an odometer reading of 72,000 miles is a good one.

A higher-than-expected reading means that the vehicle was driven more often than the typical car, which makes some drivers wary. However, a lower reading could also be a sign of a problem.

A vehicle with abnormally low mileage on it may not be driven often or used only on short trips. This isn’t always good for the car, so you’ll want to make sure that you can learn more about a low mileage used car’s maintenance history before you decide to buy it.

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