So you’re ready to take out your first car loan. Here at Folsom Lake Ford, we understand that the process can seem intimidating at first.

That’s why we want to make the Ford financing process as simple as we can, and why our automotive experts on hand are ready to answer any questions that you have.

Ford Financing 101

If you’ve never financed a car before, there are a few things that you should know. First, remember that you can get pre-approved for financing before you even enter our dealership. Our website offers a convenient form, so once we have some info from you we can get the process started.

Generally, drivers place a down payment of 20 percent and then finance the rest of their vehicle with a loan. The APR, or interest rate, on the loan depends largely on your credit score and history. Your loan term can also affect how much interest you end up paying. This is how long you take to pay your loan back.

Five years is a popular loan term right now, but sometimes you can opt for a longer or shorter term. A shorter loan term results in higher monthly payments and less interest paid, while a longer loan term has the opposite results.

Our Financing Department

Our Ford financing department works hard to find drivers a loan that works for them, and we also try to make the process easier with helpful online tools. You can use our “Customize Your Deal” tool to figure out how much you should put down, what your trade-in is worth, and evaluate any specials.

Before you know it, you’ll be ready to finalize the financing terms on a new 2021 Ford Expedition or any of our other great models!

Now you’re ready to drive away in that new Ford vehicle you’ve had your eye on. Visit our new car dealership serving Sacramento and ask about our latest Ford financing offers today!