We’ve mentioned before just how important routine maintenance is, but do you know how often you have to actually make an appointment at the Ford service center? It can depend on a few factors, but here at Folsom Lake Ford we have a few general recommendations for when and how often you should see one of our mechanics.

How Often Should I Visit a Service Center?

How often you should see a mechanic can vary based on a few different factors, like how much you drive, what your vehicle is used for, and what kinds of conditions you tend to drive in. Generally though, we suggest that you see a mechanic every six months or at least once per year, even if you don’t drive often.

We pick these dates because you’re likely to reach a maintenance milestone or two within six months or a year, even if you don’t drive too often. For example, it’s not uncommon to need an oil change after a year, even if your mileage hasn’t increased by too much over the past 12 months.

This appointment allows us to check in on other components, like your tires, your battery, and your braking system. This gives us the chance to discover small problems, before they become big and expensive problems.

Who Should See the Mechanic More Often

Seeing a mechanic every six months to a year might work for some drivers, but you may want to visit more often if you really put your Ford vehicle through its paces. If you tow a lot, love to go off-road, or put many miles on your vehicle each month, you may want to talk to our mechanics about more frequent visits.

So if you’re in need of service or repairs, don’t delay. Schedule an appointment at our service center and visit our Ford dealership near Roseville, CA today. We have the Ford parts you’re looking for and we’re ready to help you with all of your automotive needs!