Our Ford service team has years of experience and training to upkeep your vehicle according to our high manufacturer standards. If you want your Ford car looking and performing like brand new, Folsom Lake Ford is the perfect place for you to schedule service. With a little bit of preparation, you are sure to have a pleasant appointment with us.

Gather Your Documents

If you’re new to our dealership, any documents that indicate the time or mileage of your last service can be helpful to getting back on track. If you’ve had any unfinished repairs or recall work to be done, the paperwork for those could be beneficial, too.

Make an Appointment

Go on our website or call to make an appointment ahead of time. This saves not just our time, but yours too. We will know ahead of time exactly what services your vehicle needs and we can prepare with the appropriate amount of time set aside for you.

Bring Something to Do

Whether you come solo or with the family, if you plan on staying a while, you should bring something to do. A book, tablet, or some snacks can make the (short) time in our service center waiting room even shorter.

Check Current Specials

Lastly, make sure you are getting the most of your car care budget. When you’re planning a large purchase like tires, researching pricing and specials ahead of time can be a real saver.

Locals in our area can find our site by searching “Ford dealership near me.” We look forward to helping you get better efficiency and performance from your Ford car today.