Our Certified Pre-Owned Ford vehicle selection can be such a game changer for drivers in the Folsom Lake area. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, but you haven’t considered the benefits of CPO – or pre-owned in general – we can address all of your questions and concerns here at Folsom Lake Ford.

What is CPO?

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles are pre-owned models that have passed extra quality tests and come with privileges beyond what you’d find in the typical pre-owned car. Our CPO inventory is comprised of all Ford cars, since those are the ones we know best.

These ones are maintained according to Ford manufacturer specifications with genuine parts, but they’re more of a budget saver than their brand new counterparts.

The main differences you’ll get in a CPO Ford car include:

  • 172-point vehicle inspection by trained specialists
  • Fewer than six years old and less than 80,000 miles
  • CARFAX history report
  • Additional comprehensive warranties
  • 24 hour roadside assistance

Financial Benefits of Pre-Owned Vehicles

Buying pre-owned in general can be a perfect fit for many types of drivers. For new drivers or those trying to build up their credit, taking out a small loan on a budget-friendly pre-owned vehicle can be very beneficial. Our Ford financing team is ready to help no matter which type of vehicle you select: new, pre-owned, CPO, or a vehicle lease.

If you have the funds to buy a pre-owned vehicle out of pocket, you could get away with having no car payment at all. Buying pre-owned helps you avoid new car depreciation, so there’s no bad deal either way.

Come see us in Folsom Lake to see our selection and get started!