If you have your eye on a used Ford SUV, it’s time to begin the process of making it yours at Folsom Lake Ford. Most drivers do not have the funds to pay in full upfront, which is why our finance center works to find a monthly payment arrangement that aligns with your budget.

Learn about the process of financing your next SUV with a Ford dealer in Sacramento.

What Does it Mean to Finance?

When you finance a Ford Explorer, you are borrowing money from a financial institution to pay for the entire cost of the vehicle. You will then pay the institution back by making monthly payments over a set period of time.

Most car loans last five to seven years. The amount of your loan is dependent on your credit score, the amount of debt you have acquired compared to your income over time, and your down payment amount.

Does my Credit Score Matter?

There are a few common factors that affect your credit score, including your history of making payments on time and how much of your available credit that you are using. How long you’ve held credit, the diversity of your credit, and how many credit accounts you have recently opened are also key factors that give lenders an idea of your spending habits.

While a high credit score is preferred, a low score is not a deal breaker. Other factors, such as your income, will make a positive impact and our team will work with our trusted lenders to find an amount that works.

Do I Need to Make a Down Payment?

A down payment is not required but one will reduce the amount of your monthly payment amount. Larger down payments means less risk for lenders and a more favorable offer. A trade-in vehicle can also act as money down.

Browse our online inventory then visit our Ford dealership to test-drive and begin the financing process. We look forward to working with you at Folsom Lake Ford.