If you’ve recently found yourself asking “where can I find Ford parts near me?,” we’re delighted to share that the Ford parts department at Folsom Lake Ford carries genuine Ford components for your model.

By providing your vehicle with the parts they need and replacing them when necessary, you will extend the overall lifespan of your car or SUV. Learn about commonly replaced parts at our Ford dealer Sacramento location today.

About Genuine Ford Parts

Certain parts will need to be replaced on your vehicle more frequently than others. Failing to replace these components could compromise the safety of you and your passengers.


Your engine, lights, and all of the other parts of your Ford Explorer require power to operate. The battery not only provides the initial spark to get going but sends power to the rest of your vehicle.

Without a working battery, you will not be able to move. Factors that affect the lifespan of this key part are leaving the lights on overnight, allowing the car to stay on without the engine running, and extreme weather conditions.

Brake Pads

Your battery gets your vehicle up and running, while brake pads and rotors enable you to stop. While your pads will typically last three to five years, this timeframe more so depends on usage and driving habits. Strange noises when braking or a burning smell could mean it’s time for replacement.


Oil, air, cabin, and fuel filters are found in all types of vehicles. Each of these keep contaminants, like debris and pollution, out of areas of your vehicle.

Over time, they will become incredibly dirty from use and need to be replaced. Your technician will check these during your visits at our facility.

Whether you need an oil change or an engine repair, our team is ready to get you back on the road in little to no time. We hope to see you soon.