At Folsom Lake Ford we’ll make it simple to find the perfect new Ford model, and then help our customers take care of their car at our service center for years to come. Your vehicle has many ways to tell you that there’s something wrong. Knowing how to respond to these warning lights can help you take better care of your vehicle, and our highly-trained technicians will always be there to help you out.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light going on is a sign that it’s time to visit our Ford service center. It’s hard to diagnose the exact problem on your own, but our skilled and experienced mechanics are up to the task.

Oil Change Warning

Many cars these days will just tell you if you need your oil changed. If you get this warning light on your dashboard, take care of it quickly! An oil change is easy, quick, and inexpensive, and it keeps your car in top shape while helping you avoid more costly damage later.

Lamp Out

If you see a symbol that looks like a sun on your dashboard, that could mean that one of your bulbs is out. Take a look at the exterior of your vehicle and see if a headlight or taillight is out, and then get a replacement as soon as possible. You’ll want to keep the road ahead illuminated, especially as night starts falling earlier and earlier.

Fluid Temperature Warnings

Certain warning lights can also tell you if the temperatures of fluids in your car, like coolant or transmission fluid, are too high. Our mechanics can easily figure out what’s causing the problem.

Battery Problems

A light that looks like a battery, complete with positive and negative signs, can indicate an issue with your battery. Whether it’s corrosion or a charging problem, you’ll want to have this critical part looked at by a pro right away.

So if you see a warning light in your vehicle, don’t delay. Visit our Ford dealership near Sacramento and talk to our service center staff. We look forward to helping you!