In the final months of leasing your vehicle, it can get a little nerve-wracking. You start to wonder if that dent on the bumper or stain on the floor is considered normal wear and tear. That why our Ford dealership near Sacramento, CA strives to make the lease-end process as simple as possible. We’ll review the terms of your contract, assess your car for potential problems, and help you find the Ford Focus model for your next lease.

Understand your contract terms.

There are a few critical terms to look over. Start by finding your vehicle’s residual value. The residual value is the price you agreed up when you signed your contract. This is the amount you will pay if you want to buy out your lease. Next, review your mileage amount. You’ll be charged a fee per mile over. You’ll want to calculate this cost before your contract ends. Knowing this number helps you determine if buying your car or leasing a new Ford Focus is a better option.

Assess your car for issues.

At lease-end, an independent inspector will examine your car. Any excess wear and tear will be noted, so it’s imperative to have your vehicle in top shape. Give your car a thorough cleaning and look it over for any visible damage. If you’re unsure if something constitutes normal or excessive, then contact our Ford dealership near Roseville, CA for an inspection.

Find a Ford Focus in Folsom, CA

Once you’re ready to finish up the lease-end process, then talk the sales team at our Ford dealership near Sacramento, CA. We’ll provide information about lease-end offers and loan specials. If you’re interested in a Ford Focus, then you can take it for a test drive while we look over your leased vehicle. Give us a call to set up an appointment today.