At Folsom Lake Ford, our service and sales team works together to determine exactly how to equip your Ford Explorer or Ford F-350 for maximum towing capacity. We can estimate the weight of what you’ll be towing, add in factors like use for city driving and family vacations versus work-related needs, then locate the best models for you to test drive. Take a closer look at the Ford Explorer and Ford F-350 to see which fits your requirements.

Our Ford Explorer in Folsom, CA offers light towing capacity perfect for small boats, travel trailers, and equipment. The Ford Explorer safely holds your family while towing 2,000 to 5,000 pounds. Even better, you’ll appreciate the efficiency with 19 city/27 highway MPG. The economic features make this SUV perfect for in-town driving and running family members to practices. However, when you get to the weekend, you’ll be able to load up your family camper and head out to the country.

For those needing maximum power and towing capacity, test drive the Ford F-350. Our Folsom, CA dealership offers this super duty pickup as a heavy-duty option for those who use their vehicle for both work and personal use. You’ll get unbelievable towing options, like conventional towing up to 21,000 pounds, fifth-wheel towing up to 27,500 pounds, and gooseneck towing for up to 34,000 pounds. For drivers near Sacramento, CA the Ford F-350 is the ultimate for safety, performance, and towing capacity.

All of our Ford vehicles offer the latest in smart technology with plenty of drivers assist options to make your hauling experience even better. Stop into Folsom Lake Ford and find out which towing features you need. Our Ford Explorer and Ford F-350 in Folsom CA provide a range of options for all SUV and truck buyers.