The Ford F-150 is not just America’s bestselling pickup truck but also the overall bestselling automobile in the country. Of course, it’s not easy staying on top. To keep consumers happy, the Blue Oval has to constantly come up with new designs and technology. While the auto brand has its own internal team of designers, it has also decided to explore elsewhere for creative minds.

To accomplish this end, the Ford brand started a 2018 Ford F-150 design contest. Contestants consisted of students from the Detroit College of Creative Studies, where participants were encouraged to design a “future truck.”

The contest commenced in September. Since then, three finalists have been selected, with each winning a $3,000 scholarship. The winners are also considered for future work with Ford executives.

One of the finalists is student Josh Blundo. His design was the most radical and appears nothing like a pickup truck much less a Ford F-150. His concept design ditched the five-seat layout in favor of a single seat. In addition, the sides of the truck have a recessed design with “arms” for securing cargo. The overall slimmer design makes the vehicle road-friendly in a greener future where full-size SUVs and pickups are banned. The slim design was also specifically created to improve aerodynamics.

One of the other finalists was Seung Woo, who created a modular pickup design resembling an ute, which is a smaller pickup truck common in Australia.

Visit Wired to see these students’ Ford F-150 concept designs.

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