2018 is here, which means you should already have begun any New Year’s resolution. It’s not too late, though, to add new goals to your existing list. Aside from common pursuits like losing weight or earning that job promotion, why not make a resolve to better care for your Ford vehicle?

Now that winter is here, we especially recommend a battery check. This is one of the most susceptible car parts to cold weather. Granted, it doesn’t get that cold in California. Nevertheless, it still gets cold enough for lead acid batteries to utilize more amperage to get the car started. Bring the car to Folsom Lake Ford to check the battery’s remaining juice.

Another vital care element is getting a fluid flush as opposed to just replacing essential motor oil or transmission fluid. A flush completely removes contaminant buildup and helps improve performance. Think of it as a detox for your vehicle. A technician will let you know if the car needs a flush or if a simple fluid replacement will suffice.

You should also stop by our Ford collision center near Roseville, CA, if you were in a collision, even if it was seemingly minor. Car frames have crumple zones, which are designed to protect its occupants. The crumple zone’s integrity may be compromised upon impact with another vehicle or stationary object. We can determine whether the frame is salvageable or if it needs to be replaced altogether.

Aside from car care, you may be at the point of contemplating about buying or leasing a new car. Check out models like the 2018 Ford Focus or whatever model you have your eyes set on. Make 2018 the year of protecting your investment.