We’re now in the latter half of summer. Labor Day is also around the corner. This is often the time of year when people embark on a road trip to cap off the summer. This is where certain accessories for your Ford vehicle can really benefit your travels.

Most of our add-ons are specific to certain models and years. The 2017 Ford Escape, for example, is a popular SUV that’s great for carpooling and traveling with large items in tow. Some add-ons include trailer hitches for towing a boat, ATV, or pair of dirt bikes. We also carry rack and carriers for securing a bike or canoe.

Of course, all this outdoor talk means you’ll likely be doing some off-road commuting. In this case, consider outfitting your vehicle with splash guards to protect the tire from mud.

Perhaps you own a 2017 Ford F-150. Pickups naturally have a lot of optional add-ons. After all, they’re intended for heavy hauling. Accessories include bed covers, bed liners, interface plates, and more.

Don’t forget that accessories also include add-ons for the interior. This includes entertainment centers and aesthetic enhancements to give your vehicle a stylish and customized look.

Folsom Lake, CA, is not far from prominent camping areas, such as the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Ford vehicles like the ones mentioned above are ideal for making such trips. We also recommend bringing in your car to our Ford service center near Roseville, CA, for a pre-trip inspection. Our technician will perform services ranging from a basic oil check to a tire alignment.

Visit Folsom Lake Ford today before embarking on a Labor Day trip. If you’re also interested in buying a vehicle, our summer clearance sale is still in effect until August 22, 2017.