The Blue Oval is catering the 2017 Ford F-150 to millennials. To do this, they crafted a brilliant campaign that shows off the pickup truck’s towing prowess.

Most millennials are also at the age where they’re buying their own house. Many are gravitating towards smaller houses due to the lower cost. The Ford brand is well aware of this and has incorporated it into their latest marketing stint.

The automaker partnered with vacation house rental company Petite Retreats for its latest project. Petite Retreats supplied the Ford brand with two of its rental houses. The two houses are, in fact, called Henry and Clara, named after Ford founder Henry Ford and his wife. Both houses comprise a total of 433-square-feet of space and weigh a combined estimated 21,000 pounds.

The campaign began in April when a 2017 Ford-F150 and Ford F-250 towed the houses. The starting point was at the New York Auto Show. From there, the pickups will haul the houses for a cross-country trip that includes destinations like Philadelphia and Boston. At these stops, people will be able to rent out the homes until the trucks depart for their next destination with the houses in tow. The houses contain all the modern amenities of a vacation home.

Most millennials are now at the age where they’re starting a family. This makes a large vehicle like the Ford F-150 all the more appealing due to the larger seating and towing capacity. This also explains the surging popularity of models like the 2017 Ford Explorer.

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