Spring is the time to bring your car in for a basic checkup. Why? Because the weather is warming up, and you want to be sure your vehicle is up for the weather change. This is especially important if you’re planning a spring road trip.

We always recommend that commuters begin an inspection with the tires. Obviously, services like a tire alignment, rotation, or balance need to be done at our tire center near Roseville, CA. However, you can perform a basic pressure check. Be sure to fill tires to the recommended PSIinstead of the maximum psi. The former can be acquired in the vehicle user manual.

The oil levels need to be looked at as well. Newer Ford models like the 2017 Ford Focus don’t require an oil change every 3,000 miles. The manual will specify when a change is in order, which is usually around the 7,500-mile mark under normal driving conditions. With that being said, though, an oil change may be needed sooner than what is specified in the manual if you frequently use your vehicle for off-roading or drive under rough terrain.

The filter needs to be checked as well since you’ll probably be using the AC now that temperatures are rising. While checking the air filter is a straightforward DIY process, we recommend that you have it checked by a professional anyways. Cars have other filters, including a filter for the oil and another one for the fuel. These require a professional inspection. Filter changes also require special care for diesel engine cars.

Spring is here, and summer is not far off. Is your Ford vehicle up for the weather change? Bring your car to Folsom Lake Ford; our service center will perform a tune-up to make your car road trip-ready.