2016 Ford Focus

Car ads aren’t exactly known for their creativity, though there were certainly car commercials that were pretty memorable. The latest ad for the 2017 Ford Focus features the popular Japanese anime Sailor Moon.

In the short commercial, the Sailor Moon character is watching the night sky and admiring the various constellations. One constellation forms the shape of the Ford Focus, and Sailor Moon begins naming the various features available for the sedan. Her talking pet cat does the same by naming some of the safety and driver assist features, such as pedestrian detection. The voices are even done by the original actresses.

You can watch the ad here. It went viral and has over three million views as of the date of this post.

The ad was created to specifically cater to millennials, many of whom were children when Sailor Moon made its television run in the early to mid-90s. The Ford brand has released a number of other overdub ads using popular franchises, including Metal Gear Solid and Dragon Ball Z series.

According to Ford Spokesperson Debra Hotaling, these commercials have translated to more traffic on its official website as well as on various local Ford dealerships.

Some fans have also created their own dubs using the Ford ads, which has resulted in more views of the original commercials.

Tthe 2017 Ford Focus is suitable for motorists of all backgrounds, so check out the sedan and other Ford cars for sale near Sacramento, CA. We hope to see you soon!