Spy photo have captured a test mule of the 2019 Ford Focus. By test mule, this means the mechanics of the new model being tested using the body and frame of an existing model. As such, test mules often are not camouflaged, and spy photos don’t reveal much about the exterior.

Even so, some insights can be made just by looking at the test mule. It has been speculated that the new Focus will be slightly larger than its predecessor. This is evident by the seam running the length of the vehicle, the wheel arches at the rear, and the modified panels.

Upon closer inspection, you may also notice that there is a gap between the frame and the glass for both the front and rear windows. This suggests that the new model is also a bit wider.

This is about as much speculation as you can get by analyzing a test mule. Ford has not released much other information. Analysts, though, do expect a fairly similar formula. This means the Focus being available in wagon, sedan, and hatchback styles. The same goes for the powertrain, including an option like a battery-electric variant as well as a high performance option similar to the current Focus RS.

Though tentative, the new Focus is slated for a 2018 release as a 2019 model. The rollout will coincide with the release of the next generation Fiesta, which unlike the new Focus, will actually be more compact compared to its predecessor.

Being that it is still about two years out, why not appreciate the current 2016 Ford Focus? You may also elect to check out some of our used Ford models near Elk Grove by visiting Folsom Lake Ford.