It’s a given that using your mobile in any way is a no-no when you’re on the road. Not only is it unsafe but it’s also illegal in most states. For Ford drivers, though, a new app will enable them to monitor their social media accounts safely and legally while they’re behind the wheel.

The app is called Sync AppLink and allows drivers to manage their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. It’s available for both Android and iOS and lets you read, respond, or skip incoming messages using voice command functions. Should you choose to respond, you can do so using a number of saved, pre-written messages. With Sync AppLink, you’ll also be able to share your current location on the road.

This app could prove to be a major step forward in the ever increasing merge between automobiles and technology. According to a study by the GlobalWebIndex, 41 percent of Americans use social media during their spare time. With average commuting times ranging from 45 minutes to over an hour, the SyncAppLink allows users to kill some of that time.

On top of Sync Applink, Ford is also working on a new app known as Wake Me Up. As the name suggests, it monitors your level of drowsiness while behind the wheel and will respond by playing an alarm sound or raising the radio volume if it detects that you’re on the brink of nodding off.

Of course, to take advantage of Sync Applink, you have to own a Ford. Our Ford dealership near Sacramento contains all the latest models. You can also check out our used Ford cars near Roseville if you don’t mind a lightly used vehicle with a few miles under its belt.