Just about every stick shift driver has experienced one of those moments when they inadvertently released the clutch too quickly and stalled the engine. This has usually resulted in honking horns from the cars behind you as the light turns green and you hurriedly restart the engine. The 2016 Ford Focus RS has installed a new feature called Stall Recovery.

So how does Stall Recovery work? Despite what many previously believed, the feature does not prevent stalling. The system utilizes Engine Stop-Start technology; this enables the driver to restart the engine by simply placing the gear in neutral and depressing the clutch.

Engine-Start technology is actually nothing new and is also present in several other car models. The Stall Recovery, though, is a Ford exclusive that has all the features of Engine-Start plus a few added extras. The driver can get the engine started by depressing the clutch while staying in gear.

Due to the 2016 Ford Focus RS’ all-wheel drive and wide tires, it may take drivers a while until they feel completely at home behind the wheel. As such, stalling will indelibly occur a few times. This is where the addition of the Stall Recovery can prevent a few honking horns.

Even if the Stall Recovery is a feature you don’t really care for, the 2016 Ford Focus RS is still a pretty impressive model in its own right. It does, after all, got an Ecoboost 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that delivers an impressive 315 hp.

The 2016 Ford Focus series have a lot to offer. The Stall Recovery for the RS is just one of the many features available for the Focus. Check out the different models and trims at our Ford dealership near Rancho Cordova.